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The Tehani is the model that surprises us every day. We created it for hat lovers, but it ended up being one of our bestsellers. Its wide brim and its teardrop pinched crown brings an unique sense of singularity. A more committed style that is a hit, it confirms that you are ready to wear hats and it makes us so proud being able to be there for you. For this model, we decided to go for a higher rigidity than its mates, as we wanted to guarantee the good hold of the 10cm flat brim and avoid the floppy hat effect. Of course we kept the same robustness, and therefore chose to thicken the felt slightly as we did for the Manutea and the result is magnificent.


Our felt

For this model, Milo Hats & Co uses australian sourced merino wool felt that comes known worldwide for its finesse, but that’s not at all..

This wool houses creates small pockets of air that between your hair and our hat, this turns the Kaeo into a very effective thermal insulator, perfectly adapted for any season, this hat will be by your side all year long.

In addition to offering excellent breathability and being UV resistant, our felt is water resistant which ensures protection in very wet conditions.

In the end, the idea of Kaeo was to give people an adventure partner! To that effect, we have designed a hat that is lightweight, our hats don’t scratch, are fast drying and resist fading, shrinking and wrinkling.



The detailing and finish of the hat have been modeled to offer you a robust product that will last. We thus added a grosgrain binding on the edge of the brim, this prevents the felt from being damaged. We also cross-lined the interior and exterior seams with transparent thread after noticing that the fragility of the seams is the achilles heal of many hats.



In our opinion the perfect day to day hat needs a practical side.

For this reason, a thick cotton label has been added, designed to hang your hat on your wall or on your backpack.

In terms of form factor, we know that heads are different, so Milo Hats & Co has engineered a system that allows you to adjust the size of the hat for optimal support. The inner lined adjustable velcro layer sits behind the absorbent cotton sweatband, a band that also allows you to wear your hat with both dry and wet hair.

Tehani Natural

  • 100% Merino wool

    Wool sheet - 80 threads

    Grosgrain binding

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