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Because we like to give you the opportunity to discover such beautiful projects, since the very first sale, we have been involved and in partnership with Buy One Give One, an organisation that we discovered through our numerous trips. It actively participates in a fairer, more sustainable and more responsible future.

To do this, it offers a unique donation model with over 500 micro-impacts around the world. Each brand, company or individual can choose the micro-impacts they wish to support.

This allows us to vary the causes, to follow the news when facing natural disasters, wars or pandemics... and above all to choose impacts that make sense for us and for you.

We have chosen to support them because for us there is not just one fight, but many. Our thinking is not necessarily the right one, but we want to fight against hunger, for better access to education, against poverty, for a more responsible, greener world on land and bluer under water. We also want to fight for health care access, for equality of chances, for gender equality, to raise awareness for a better production and consumption, etc...

In short, you will have understood and you already know that there are many battles, each one more beautiful than the other, and thanks to Buy One Give One we have this opportunity to follow and participate in them.


Our impact


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