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Paul Duvignau

Paul is a local boy. The Landes saw him grow up as a young surfer, then with time, other hobbies came along and took as much place as surfing in his life. Today, a few words would not be enough to tell you about all the projects Paul undertakes, shaping, carpentry, longboard surf lessons, big waves surfing, or simply living a life as independent and responsible as possible.

It's when you discover his workshop not far from Hossegor that you can see the multiplicity of his activities, a hen house, caravans, several cars, all of them old-timers, foam blanks, about thirty personal boards with guns all bigger than the others, wood scraps, and tools in spades. All this collected for several years against the waste and thus with this real will to collect, repair, give a second life to it all.  In winter, you will find him in the water when the big waves show up, between the Basque Country or his home spot La Nord, he shares these giant waves with his friends and takes great pleasure in the water, "I'm out in the open ocean and I yell: It's awesome!  It's fucking awesome!" and on land, you'll recognise him as he's always wearing his Milo hat since we started.

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