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Milo Hats & Co is a story, not a brand

Since its creation Milo Hats & Co has strived to create and distribute unisex, timeless hats that can stand the test of time. For us, a hat is above all an adventure partner, from your day to day life to the most distant shores.

For those reasons we have designed and curated collections with materials chosen for their quality and durability.

Years of prototyping and testing paved the way. Lots of back and forth, even more mistakes, resets, epiphanies, more resets resulting in incessant learning. Now, finally we are able to offer you products that will travel with you through time creating everlasting memories.

For us, each hat has its own story and it will continue to be written by your side. 


"Made How" vs. "Made In"

You guessed it, at Milo Hats and Co, the objective is to provide the most qualitative products.

We have therefore adopted a policy of « Made How instead of Made In »… in order to benefit from the expertise and know-how of each of our workshops.

Simply put, our footprint is not the same when we buy a piece that lasts a lifetime versus repeating a purchase. We have a real desire to lengthen product lifespans as to decrease overall textile pollution. At each product launch we always prioritise respectful and efficient working conditions for our producers as well as environmental impact because we believe in a cleaner and more responsible approach.

As a player in the fashion market, we have our role to play in changing things and that's why, in addition to our mindful production methods, we have established a solidarity partnership with Buy One Give One.

Each of our sales participates in the 500 projects carried out by B1G1, in the fields of education, the environment, access to food, health, human rights and much more..

Find out more about our partnership with Buy One Give One here


The fight for the right price. 

At Milo, we strongly believe in the principle of offering you the fairest price.

Today, that means eliminating the middle man. You can find our products on our online store and in our traveling pop up store. The latter is a nomadic shop in the shape of an old Volkswagen Transporter following its own path, often on the coast, or in the mountains, it follows the sun, the wind or the waves, even we at Milo Hats & Co don't really know. We inspire it, and it guides us. It has always taken us to the right place at the right time so we trust it.

If you too are a nature lover, you will surely see us on the road and be able to try out our hats directly. So find us, connect with us, and share your travel stories, we can’t wait to do the same.

Very soon you will find its itinerary and our meeting points for the summer of 2022 here.

We want to spread our principles of complete transparency, demonstrate our investment and our patience to guarantee the best possible products according to the best possible model and thus make your Milo experience something unique.

We can’t wait to meet you on the road very soon. You are the next step in our adventure and our development.

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