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Milo Hats is made up of encounters and inspiring stories. It's an adventure that's all about people, with a great bunch of creative, free-as-air personalities. We think their stories, lifestyles and philosophies deserve to be shared, so that we can take on more people in their wake. Click here to discover them.

Paul Duvignau


A big-wave surfer and outstanding shaper, Paul is one of those craftsmen with unique, old-fashioned expertise, focused on authenticity, the human touch and the beauty of the craft. When he's not on his board, Paul is in his workshop, preparing his next adventure or repairing his car, a 1962 Cadillac.

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Mickaël Vandermaesen


After several years working in the music industry, Micka now juggles his guitars with his film cameras. Talented photographer, he is particularly renowned for his shots, which invite us to step back in time and explore a timeless and authentic “American way of life”.

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Yohan Colin

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Yohan is one of those genuine creatives who not only has a good eye, but also the skills to bring all kinds of projects to life. Photo, video, painting, mechanics: just ask this jack-of-all-trades what you want, and you could come away with much more than you hoped for. Find this vanlife enthusiast at home in the Landes and throughout France.

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Franck & Damien 

Wheels and Waves 2023 - Day 2 - _bastienlabelle - 8.jpg
Wheels and Waves 2023 - Day 2 - _bastienlabelle - 2.jpg
Wheels and Waves 2023 - Day 2 - _bastienlabelle - 16.jpg

Somewhere between blues, folk rock and country, the duo Franck & Damien are the kind of band that are at one with their music. Their albums are full of sunny, heartfelt, unifying melodies. With them, the atmosphere is warm and cosy, until they decide to turn the tables and electrify the crowds. In addition to their music, these two have a real talent for taking us on board and bringing us together. 

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Milo presents


Sofia Loewy


Ikit Agudo

Of the many faces that surfing can take on, Ikit's is one of the most inspiring to us. A blend of talent, curiosity, simplicity and generosity. Ikit is one of those surfers who succeed in writing the surf of tomorrow by trusting herself and believing that anything is possible, as long as you give yourself the means and take advantage of it.

Meet her at her home in the Philippines.

Surfer from South West of France, Sofi is a creative soul who is breaking new ground in French surf culture. How does she do it? By drawing on her Colombian-Austrian roots, which have always inspired her. Sofi expresses her talents with passion, without filters, and invites everyone to do the same.

Come on board with her.

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