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Our promise

“From the outset of this adventure, we've taken great care to ensure the sustainability of our creations. With each new product, we guarantee a production framework that combines know-how, modernity and ethics. We create quality pieces that are value-driven, contemporary and well thought-out. We design items that we love to wear, those with which we want to write the future.”

Thibault- Founder of Milo


Quality and durability

Hats, apparel and accessories are designed to last a lifetime. With a blend of longstanding expertise and real attention to every detail, we develop our products with these three elements in mind:

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Timelessness in shapes, colors and patterns.

Fichier 2.png

The use of sustainable, well-sourced, high-quality raw materials.

Fichier 1.png

The desire to keep improving over the years.


Give back initiatives

We're committed to inspiring respect and mutual aid by sharing positive stories that encourage action. As true nature lovers, we have to take our share of responsibility, while respecting the rules that govern the world of solidarity. To this end, we work with a partner called The Paddle Paddle Surf Project, an organization based in Les Landes, in France, that defends causes we care deeply about : social inclusion, access to education and ecology in the world of surfing. We offer direct material, human and financial support to the organization. Funds donated are used to finance social and environmental projects in Ghana, Colombia and Morocco among others. 

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