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Ikit Agudo

"Surfing changed my whole life and how I look at life.. It teaches me to appreciate all the simple and little things in life. It brought so much happiness, confidence and peace in my life. 

I started surfing, I think, when I was 9, 10 years old. I think that was my very first surf. I remember it was my father and my brothers who asked me to join them for a surf session one time. Because four of my brothers are surfers and also my dad, we have a surfer family.

That time, not a lot of girls go out and enjoy the ocean because they were afraid to have dark skin color. That's what one of our main reasons to join the comps. Aside from inspiring more girls for the skin color, we wanted for them to explore this sport and how fun it is to be outside, how healthy the lifestyle of the surfers was. 

Back then it was mainly male dominated, so there were only a few girls, maybe 5 to 8 to surf. They were very supportive. The more we competed, and that's when it started, slowly changed the mindset of, Filipinos.

Yearly there are comps. It inspired a lot of kids to join. So that's when the locals were like curious about this sport. People also left their boards here after they travel, and that's when locals have their own boards. 


It helped the surfing community to grew more and more.

Here in Siargao, growing up, nobody really do longboard. Everyone used shortboard. That's the only thing we saw in the island. We had no idea how longboarding works. There's this one time, summer time, my sister asked me, Kit, why don't we try longboard? Because now it's very small. We tried. And after that, 


 I just told the shaper that I want just a longboard.  my brother -in -law and a local shaper, Din Litangan sponsored me and I started competing


I couldn't stop anymore. 


It fits my personality, I think, and it's more relaxing. 


I'm a longboarder and surf instructor. 

My name is Ikit Agudo.

I'm 27 years old, born and raised in Siargao Island, Philippines. "

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